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A Summer Cycling Playlist for YOU. 


We love this album. what are YOUR favorites from Summer 2014? #cyclingANDyoga

Kimberly with Diana after a cycling class.

How long have you been attending classes at Resolute Fitness? 

Since January 2014

What first brought you to Resolute? 

I was ready for a change in my routine. I used to do bootcamps and my body needed something different. 

Cycling? Yoga? Both? 

Both! :-)

What is your favorite thing about Resolute? 

It’s not too big. The instructors are consistent and know your name. They always push me to be better. 

Do you have a favorite instructor? 

In cycling I love Diana and Anja - they are consistent with a fab workout. 

In yoga I love Megan and Camila - they make me try really hard, and are great at adjustments. 

What has been your best achievement in your time at Resolute? 

My muscles have become longer and leaner. With cycling and yoga I feel stronger and more confident. 

I resolve to…

Accomplish more positions in yoga.

A bookworm and a writer by nature, Alexis came to practice yoga through a longing to develop her mind body connection. This journey has taught her many things, things she couldn’t have ever deemed possible, and she is endlessly grateful for the years of experience that led her to teaching today. Her classes are vigorous, energetic flows based in the vinyasa tradition, establishing the ultimate link of the mind and body, while creating a safe environment for you to flourish and access your best self.

What’s you favorite time of day to work out?
I love practicing outdoors in the early morning, and also right before I teach. There’s something about cultivating that energy that makes for a great class.

What is your guilty pleasure?
I’m a sucker for sweets, and especially chocolate, and especially ice cream. Often together. Definitely together.

What is your favorite piece of Resolute gear?
I love my blue tank top! It’s so soft and comfortable.

Carmen took her very first yoga class in college in 1995 and was impressed  by her amazing teacher. Having never met anyone with such a calm and peaceful spirit, it was apparent that her teacher’s serene disposition was directly related to a daily regimen of yoga and meditation. Since this encounter, Carmen has been on a journey to cultivate a similar energy through her personal practice and through the interaction she has with her students. Her goal is to guide her students towards becoming liberated and invigorated through the healing powers of the asanas.

What’s you favorite time of day to work out?
I’m a morning person, I enjoy rising before the sun. An early morning work out sets the tone for the remainder of the day and I get to enjoy my evening relaxing at home, cooking or spending time with friends.
What is your guilty pleasure?
Chips, chips and more chips! I love tortilla chips, potato chips, pita chips and all the awesome dips that go along with them. I’m also a big fan of the cherry coke slurpee.
What is your favorite piece of Resolute gear?
The tank tops are the perfect fit, and the water bottle is pretty cool too!