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Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Camila grew up in England before moving to Austin, Texas. It was here that she discovered yoga as a means of alleviating anxiety. She quickly became hooked on the practice after experiencing its myriad benefits. After 4 years of practice, Camila completed her 200 hr training through the Living Yoga Program in Austin. Since then, She have completed a 20 hr YA approved Chakra & Anatomy training, taken workshops with Ana Forrest & Tara Stiles, and an immersive vinyasa flow training with Sadie Nardini to deepen her understanding of the connection between body & mind.

“I hope to share the clarity, joy, and full mind-body awareness that yoga has brought me with the world. My classes are infused with playfulness and incorporate various options for many levels of experience.”

What is your favorite time to work out?
After work! Late afternoon or early evening is best for me although I prefer to teach in the morning! : )

What is your guilty pleasure?
Pizza from Via 313! I add arugula so it feels healthier.

What is your favorite piece of Resolute gear?
The red tank top! I always thought red didn’t look good on but I always get compliments when I wear it out! Plus the cut is flattering and it comes in blue.

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Sarah’s interest in cycling began in the Boston area. After years of enjoying indoor cycling classes, Sarah decided to get certified through Mad Dogg athletics in 2011. She has enjoyed teaching in Shreveport, LA, and now here in Austin. When she isn’t teaching cycling classes, she is a very busy wife and mother of two young children!


What’s you favorite time of day to work out?
I love to workout in the morning because it wakes me up, gives me energy for the day and I feel so much better all day long! Plus, I only have to take one shower!

What is your guilty pleasure?
I have too many! I really enjoy chocolate, sweet things, and shopping occasionally at Lululemon. I love everything in that store! They have the best fitting workout clothes.

What is your favorite piece of Resolute gear?
I absolutely love my blue t-shirt. I wear it to work out in, but it also looks great with jeans!

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Born in Okinawa, Japan, Morgan went to college in South Carolina followed by 10 years in Los Angeles. Morgan grew up dancing, playing a number of sports, lifting weights and being an all-around active kid. When Morgan discovered cycling and yoga it was the end all be all! “I had finally found something that was not only challenging but fun and the results were well worth the time and effort. The commitment I make to my health and fitness is very important to me. If I can inspire anyone along their personal journey I’d consider that a great success!”

What is your favorite time to work out?
It’s kind of a funny thing but early mornings are both my favorite time to work out and yet my most dreadful, however the dreadful part is very short lived and for the rest of the day I feel great about what I accomplished that morning. It’s worth it!

What is your guilty pleasure?
I’m a fashion addict designer wanna be! I can’t help it…

What is your favorite piece of Resolute gear?
Instructors bike — of course! I greet the room every time I walk in it and am very thankful to be part of such a great team!

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